Advanced Pre-suasive Digital Sales and Marketing

Before we begin, I wonder if I may ask you a simple question?

Wouldn’t you want to discover the one thing that would take your business to the next level if you knew it would cost you less than a fraction of the extra income you’d earn?

Since you are reading this you are already aware that there is a huge difference between marketing and sales. For example, if we look at the last Republican presidential nomination process, there were plenty of slick candidates with huge marketing budgets weren’t there? Yet, by now everyone realizes, there was only one professional salesman, Donald J Trump, and that’s why in fact, he annihilated his competition on a fraction of their expensive marketing budgets and secured the Republican presidential nomination.

You worked very hard to be an influencer, innovator, inspirer and entrepreneur. Perhaps you and your family sacrificed much and you have put it all on the line by starting your own company. You create jobs in the community. You meet your clients needs with your expertise. You want and deserve financial financial success for your family, your employees, yourself and it’s important to free yourself of unnecessary stress by getting more clients.

In the hectic and ethically demanding business world every day, there is no way to avoid increased business complexities and stress, everyone needs a way to be protected from increased stress and getting more clients provides that kind of protection for you.


Stop Failing With Expensive Digital Marketing Strategies.

Perhaps one of the most succinct examples of sales as differentiated to marketing occurs in a scene from the The Wolf of Wall Street, the Martin Scorsese’s film. In a scene from the movie, the main character Jordan Belfor challenges his associates by asking them to “Sell me this pen.” As he hands each new associate a fountain pen with that implicit instruction, what Belfor is doing is simply testing his friends’ understanding of sales and the process that closes a deal.

Most people in this situation think that in order to sell the pen, just as most web designers believe that in order to sell a business through a website, they need to make the pen appealing or attractive. They think, they need to market the product by pitching its features and attributes.

In the movie, it’s his drug dealer friend Brad who sees the situation for what it really is. It’s not about the pen. It’s about the needs of the buyer. It’s about what motivates the buyer to action. So Brad does not try to describe the pen. Instead he says, “Write this down for me,” to which Belfor replies, “I don’t have a pen…” .

That is sales because this is pre-suasion.

The more our clients become aware that their online strategies have very little to do with sales and instead are simply expensive marketing campaigns, the more they get a handle on why their websites are not realizing the ROI that they expected.

Don’t you see by now how crucial making this distinction is?

In our many years of designing high end custom websites and developing online digital sales strategies for our clients across the world, the biggest challenge we often receive is from the following objection – ‘Well my website doesn’t convert”. We have lost count of the amount of times our new clients have told us how they invested 1000s of dollars with a “web design company” only to be severely disappointed with the results.

Perhaps, this also applies to you?


How Understanding This One Key Revelation Can Significantly Generate You More Clients And Income.

The 15 second Rule

55% of all visitors to a website leave in under 15 seconds

99% of all visitors to a website leave in under 59 seconds.

(Chartbeat Study 2014)

When our clients begin to realize just how powerful knowing this rule is, they are delighted we made them aware of it. The more you focus on the 15 second rule, the more you see the challenges impacting your current online strategy. And the more you apply the 15 second rule to your digital campaigns, the greater the rewards will be.

2 Myths You Need To Know About Which Are Impeding a Websites Ability To Generate Clients and Revenue.

Because so much data is available that wasn’t a few years ago, it means that experts agree now with the forward thinking strategies that TOL23 Media Group started to implement on behalf of their clients long before these metrics were even known.

Myth Number 1: We Read What We’ve Clicked On – As demonstrated by the Charbeat Study and many more smaller studies, a devastating 55% of potential customers spent fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page.

Myth Number 2: The More We Share The More We Read – User behavior studies have shown that on average, when an article with social activity gets 100 visitors, then it only on average gets one tweet and 8 Facebook shares.

This actually is in fact, part of another critical myth that TOL23 Media Group have long been at the forefront of bringing to our client’s attention. The great Social Media Myth. However due to time constraints, this is not something we will be addressing here. I wonder if you realize yet that the widespread assumption is that the more content is liked or shared, the more engaging it must be, the more willing people are to devote their attention to it, is not backed up by the data?

Because TOL23 Media have developed a comprehensive and effective pre-suasive strategies to keep users on a website for at least 3 minutes, so we have doubled the likelihood that the user will convert for our clients (Microsoft Research). The fact is, these strategies are complex, time consuming to implement and require an deep understanding of the psychology of selling and the art of pre-suasive design.

However I know you are wondering, if there is something you can do now with your existing digital strategy that could help increase your online sales and get more clients for your law firm, then are we the kind of cutting edge technological agency that will help you succeed now?

The answer is most definitely, yes we are.


3 Low/No Cost Ways To Improve Your Client Acquisition Strategy and Generate More Revenue.

Number 1: Color Schemes Matter

The Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences reveal that our decisions are made seconds before we become aware of them. Using fMRI and by monitoring the micro patterns of activity in the frontopolar cortex, the researchers could predict which hand the participant would choose 7 SECONDS before the participant was aware of the decision. The more we study websites for multiple industries, the more we see inappropriate and revenue restricting colors used.

Dominant Colors That Inspire Trust: Black – Blue – Purple

Secondary Colors To Enhance The Experience Of Your Visitors : Orange – Green – Yellow

Number 2: Show Credibility

At TOL23 Media Group we have spent many years developing the definitive sales dynamic model for websites and digital strategies. One of the most important piece of advice we can give to any business owner, is the need to resolutely establish what we call social proof. By the way social proof has nothing to do with social media.

One of the biggest fears that every human being has is the fear of getting ripped off. In fact, this fear is so dominant psychologically, if it is not addressed then your company will not get the client. You should remember however, there is however, good social proof and bad social proof.

There are many elements to establishing strong social proof, however one you can employ right now is using testimonials written by your clients. The golden rule here is, the closer the potential customer identifies with the social proof offered, the more likely it is to be accepted.

Number 3: Create A Powerful Call-to-action Below The Fold

When people stop and become aware of what this tip can do to increase customer and revenues, they know they’ve got something really powerful, in fact, it’s hard for many people not to realize just how beneficial this piece of advice is.

Without a doubt you have been advised to put all your call to actions in the top right of your website, to stack the ‘above the fold section”. Here is the deal, 66% of all attention on a

normal web/media page is spent below the fold, which means, according to scientific consensus based on comprehensive user behavior studies carried out by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and the oft quoted Chartbeat, someone looking at a page for 20 seconds whilst a powerful call-to-action is there, is 20-30% more likely to recall that afterwards.

At TOL23 Media Group we encourage all of our clients to think outside the box. The 3 tips I shared with everyone may sound like a collection small steps, but they have the potential to significantly transform your website`s performance, which means not only do you win, so do your potential clients.

Let’s face it, don’t you want success for yourself, your employees, your family, your clients and your business over failure?