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Our History

The team at TOL23 built their first website in 1997. In 2001 a decision was taken to relocate to the USA and TOL23 Media began US operations in 2002. With a reputation that was driven by the TOL23 philosophy of “Innovate, Influence and Inspire” over the next decade TOL23 Media became of of the most sought out boutique technological agencies in the world.

In 2005, the company released the award winning “We Will Not Be Silenced”. Regarded as one of the defining moments in cause based agit-prop, the video impacted a generation and introduced a new messaging medium, dynamic text. Nearly 15 years later, the impact of We Will Not Be Silenced as the perfect advertising medium  can still be seen on ever major TV network in the USA and similarly across the globe.

In 2016, after 20 years high-end experience in virtually every aspect of digital marketing, the TOL23 Media team chose to take a break to pursue individual creative ventures.

Fast forward to 2019, refreshed, invigorated and again seeking to push the envelope in respect of design, TOL23 Media announced its return in April 2019.

TOL23 Media Group is, in fact, an award winning, socially aware, pre-suasive sales and marketing consultancy.

By the way TOL23 Media group is a pay-it-forward organisation. By using their collective skill sets, TOL23 team members have helped to raise awareness of environmental causes, drug addiction, social justice and equality, awareness for veterans, LGBT challenges, Climate Change, Clean Energy, which means, since you are reading this, you are already aware by now how much value and success the combined knowledge of the TOL23 Media pre-suasive sales and marketing experts can create for you now.

Who we have worked with

TOL23 Media Group has developed solutions for a wide range of industries including technology, legal, music industry, start ups and the legal industry.

Microsoft – AT&T – T-Mobile – WDS Global – The Kirby Organisation – Stoneyfield Farms – Progressive Source Communications – Bellwether – Physicians For National Health Program – LV+ – We Will Not Be Silenced – Missouri Lawyers – American Green Holdings – Purple Dragon LLC – Croshal Entertainment Group – Faith Journeys LLC – Morgan Hill Law Office – Wiley Law Offices – Strong Garner Bauer Law Offices – Buescher Law Offices – Robby Krieger (The Doors) – Don Felder (The Eagles) – Styx – The Cult – Robert Johnson Movie – Sears Legal – Paul Conrad (Drawing Fire Documentary – PBS) – GO61 – Thin Lizzy – Bid For Green plus many more

Our dynamic text video commissions have been featured on Huffington Post, Democratic Underground, MSN, Multiple Film Festivals across the globe, utilized by Jack Johnson, The Dave Matthews Band, Live Earth, Business Conferences run by Planview and Gartner, as well as being featured on many smaller socially aware websites and blogs on the internet.

“Working in the film and television world, I`m accustomed to seeing high end work on a daily basis. Rarely do I come across a creative team as aesthetically elegant and as conceptually compelling as TOL23.

They`ve done two websites for film and TV projects and they`re both extraordinary. First they magically capture the essence of your project and then make it come alive, not only in a seamlessly functional way but with an artfulness that is shockingly beautiful


What is pre-suasion?

What prepares people to be persuaded?

Pre-suasion is the scientific understanding that persuasion can occur before the moment of a decision. In 2008, scientist`s from the Max Plank Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, in collaboration with the Charité University Hospital and the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Berlin established that “brain activity predicts even up to 7 seconds ahead of time how a person is going to decide”

Pre-suasion marketing and sales incorporates this understanding into proprietary state-of-the-art strategies to create revenue and growth.

Your business is personal and recruiting the right digital revenue team is one of the most important and necessary decisions you will make.

Everyone knows that change will always be your greatest leverage for growth and that`s why seizing the opportunity, when it’s offered, is up to you.

We are sales creators that know how to design. We are not designers that don’t know how to create sales. The fact is, we speak directly to your customers through our pre-suasive sales and marketing strategies.

We will be your guide to the punch through anything that is limiting the growth and stability of your businessBy the way we only work through referral because we choose our select client partners based on integrity, an open mind to new ideas, and a willingness to take action

“When we set out to design Croshal Entertainment`s website, we wanted to clearly convey the company`s forward thinking strategy in allowing artists to take control of their own destinies. The site needed to be dynamic, music, video, compelling visuals, so potential clients could experience what we actually put in place for the clients we help. It needed to be robust to support the media and the enormous amount of information about the company, our unique services and my history as a 30 year veteran music executive.

TOL23`s innovative approach to web design and internet marketing allowed me to have a tremendous self-marketing tool.”


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