How We Work

We work together with our clients and their teams.

Our goal is to learn our client’s business in order to anticipate their sales and marketing needs long into the future by developing an open mutually beneficial narrative.

By the way pre-suasive digital strategies are a complex process with lots of moving parts and thousands of mission-critical tasks. They require the coalescence of creative minds, detail oriented techno-geeks and short to medium to long term planning . In fact, when our clients experience the full TOL23 Media process, by the time it is complete, it`s hard for them not to realize how amazing this experience is.

Clients who use us are very happy because this is how we do it.

1. Firstly, we listen…

TOL23 Media has a philosophy covered by the old maxim, “two ears one mouth, use them in proportion”. The more we listen to our clients the more we learn by understanding the needs and vision of the influencers, innovators and inspirers we choose to work with. To facilitate this we start by immersing ourselves in your brand/industry/target audience/unique challenges and opportunities for success.

We listen carefully to your needs, objectives, goals and desired outcome for your pre-suasive strategy.

Then, we do the work for you.

2. Secondly, we begin the creation process…

The team at TOL23 Media have created some of the most beautiful and high converting digital concepts of all time. With a combined experience of over 100 years in custom design, our developers, marketers, sales and digital experts develop a strategy to be presented to you, our client.

3. Thirdly, we present your strategy…

A critical part of the development process is something we learned from our work with AT&T, namely the development scope. The development scope is the road map to your success because by clearly defining the ultimate objective, everyone experiences clarity and feels aligned, without the sound of confusion that has become sadly all to prevalent in template design.

4. Fourthly, we develop…

Having agreed to the ideas presented in the development scope, now our team begins to work around the clock to implement your input.

5. Fifthly, we collaborate…

We work closely with our clients and their teams to maximize efficiency.What is interesting about the popularity of the development scope is that our clients like it because it makes them and/or their team an integral part of the process. Milestones, look, feel and project change procedures are put in place at the very outset. This allows our clients to keep their fingers on the development by ensuring that all deadlines are met.

7. Finally, we launch…

At every step of the development process, you and your team have been involved. The custom coding is done, the pre-suasive elements in place, SEO is maximized where applicable. Any successful pre-suasive campaign requires attention to detail because our clients deserve success. Even when we feel that the process is complete, we review everything one final time with our clients. Any concerns, changes, new ideas at this stage are incorporated where necessary by the time we launch.

It`s focused teamwork that causes success, which means, when our clients become aware of what they can really achieve with their game changing pre-suasive digital strategies, they know they have something really powerful.